Mobile Pallet Rack Repair

Mobile Pallet Rack Repair

With our Mobile Pallet Rack Repair Vehicle, will train your personnel to properly install our RACK AVENGER KITS

Are your warehouse uprights damaged and in need of replacement? Don’t unload your racking and don’t replace your uprights.

Call us today – 1-800-647-2257

We will come out and train YOUR personnel. With our Mobile Pallet Rack Repair vehicle we can be on-site with our Rack Avenger Repair Kits and all the tools and hardware to train your staff and install the kits.
Our “Best In Industry” 20 Year Warranty still applies even when your personnel install the kits.


Repair Your Existing Damaged Uprights or Purchase Pallet Rack Uprights with Repair Kits Welded In.


1-800-647-2257 will train your personnel to properly install our RACK AVENGER KITS. RACK AVENGER KITS installed by your trained personnel will be covered by our 20 year warranty. *If you install the RACK AVENGER KITS following our directions and specs and you damage it, we will replace the damaged kit for FREE, along with the shipping and labor.

• 20-year warranty against forklift impact damage
• Retro-fits to almost any kind of rack
• Installation takes 30 – 45 minutes in most cases
• Prevents potential rack collapse due to Forklift impact
• There is no need to unload the pallets from the rack to be repaired
• Engineered to withstand impacts equal to 14,000 lbs at 14 mph

The last repair you will ever need!

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