Discover our Push Back Racking Systems, ingeniously engineered for high-density, multi-product storage. Combining exceptional selectivity with maintenance-free structures, these systems are the epitome of warehouse efficiency. The innovative design features nesting carriages, each capable of storing five pallets deep, resulting in significantly enhanced pick-flows from all lane entrances facing the work aisle. Experience the seamless operation as each newly loaded pallet is placed onto a free-rolling carriage and then pushed further into the lane by the addition of subsequent pallets. Gravity then takes over during unloading, smoothly moving the pallets forward to the aisle on the telescopic carriages. This unique mechanism eliminates the need for reaching or driving equipment into the rack, making your storage process more efficient and safe.

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Custom designed for your warehouse space and application, is a highly effective storage option. And buying a refurbished warehouse storage solution like this, with a warranty, will save you money and delivery time.

  • Designed with your warehouse layout and storage needs in mind for maximized benefits. 
  • Provides high-density storage for better warehouse space utilization. 
  • Offers up to 90% more product storage compared to selective rack systems. 
  • Provides up to 400% more product access compared to drive-in racks. 
  • Carts are designed to prevent jamming and product damage. 
  • Allows different SKUs on each level for convenient product access.
  • High storage density ensures quicker pick rates. 
  • Reduces the number of aisles and forklifts needed. Flexibility: Accommodates non-standard pallet sizes.

To increase storage density in a given area, warehouses with large production runs benefit the most from Pushback Racking Systems:

  • Bulk Goods Storage: For businesses dealing with large quantities of the same item, push back racks enable high-density storage and easy access.
  • Cold Storage: They are suitable for cold storage and freezer warehouses due to their high-density storage capabilities, optimizing the expensive square footage.
  • Time-Sensitive Goods: Ideal for managing goods with expiration dates as it enables FIFO (First-In, First-Out) or LIFO (Last-In, First-Out) inventory systems.
  • Seasonal Goods: Perfect for storing seasonal goods like holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and seasonal food products.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: They are used in the food and beverage industry due to their excellent space utilization and the ability to handle large quantities.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Push back racks are useful for storing pharmaceuticals, where it’s crucial to have the ability to handle different SKUs on each level.
  • E-commerce Fulfillment: Push back racks can help e-commerce businesses with fast picking rates, enabling efficient order fulfillment.
  • Manufacturing: They are widely used in manufacturing industries for storing raw materials, work-in-progress goods, and finished products.
  • Retail Warehouses: Push back racks are ideal for retail warehouses where a variety of SKUs need to be stored and accessed quickly and efficiently.
  • Automotive Parts: Suitable for the storage of heavy and bulky automotive parts, offering easy access and better utilization of warehouse space.
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