Cantilever Racks are robust, heavy-duty storage solutions engineered specifically for handling long and bulky materials. These include, but are not limited to, lumber, plywood, PVC, steel pipes, metal or bar stock pipes. This unique design of storage rack is the go-to choice for storing substantial items such as furniture, boats, steel bar stocks, PVC and iron pipes, along with a vast assortment of other lengthy, bulky, and weighty items. Trust in Cantilever Racks for effective and efficient storage of your heavy-duty materials


Cantilever Rack System

Our cantilever racking system is a versatile storage solution designed for bulky or long items that standard pallet racks cannot accommodate.

  • Made from a sturdy metal framework with long arms, these racks can handle heavy materials such as steel stocks and lumber.
  • Open at the front, our racks simplify the loading and unloading process using forklifts or similar equipment.
  • Ideal for lumber yards and home improvement stores, they can store everything from plywood to roofing materials.
  • No shelves mean no restrictions, providing the perfect solution for storing items of various shapes and sizes.


Our cantilever style shelving is ideal for storing items such as:

  • Lumber, plywood, drywall, roofing materials, and other building materials.
  • Pipes, tubing, and other plumbing or electrical parts.
  • Furniture items and automotive parts, including tires, engines, and transmissions.
  • Heavy machinery, such as industrial motors and generators.
  • Steel and metal products, textiles, fabrics, and metal bars.
  • Wire spools, reels, industrial equipment, and machinery.

Types of Cantilever Racks:

  • Structrual Cantilever Racking: made of heavy-duty steel, this type of racking is perfect for storing heavy or bulky items in industrial or manufacturing settings. Ideal for automotive parts, heavy equipment, and construction materials.
  • Roll-Formed Cantilever Racking: made of lighter-gauge steel, this cost-effective racking solution is great for lighter items in retail or warehouse settings. Ideal for plumbing, electrical parts, office storage, and home goods.
  • Single-Sided Cantilever Racking: Ideal for tight spaces, this rack type can be used along warehouse walls or mezzanine rails.
  • Double-Sided Cantilever Rack Systems: Featuring arms on both sides, this common racking system is designed for open areas, allowing access from multiple angles. Perfect for retail spaces with wide aisles.
  • Mobile Cantilever Shelving: Offering the ultimate in flexibility, these racks are ideal for storage that needs to adapt to different products or seasons. Commonly used in auto parts stores, clothing and home goods stores, and pick-up locations for electrical and plumbing distribution.
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