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teardrop old connector diagram


The “Old style teardrop” racking, known for its enduring design, is essentially the classic version of the teardrop racking system; its moniker “teardrop” is attributed to the distinctively shaped openings or slots that facilitate the connection of the rack’s beams to its upright frame, with these openings mirroring the silhouette of a teardrop – rounded at the top and gradually tapering down to snugly hold the connector pin in position.

new style


The New Style Teardrop racking system bears a close resemblance to the Teardrop design. Originated by the Interlake company, the same pioneers behind the patented Teardrop style, Newstyle beams can often appear indistinguishable from Teardrop beams. Yet, a closer inspection of its uprights reveals a distinguishing hole pattern. These holes are notably more rectangular and slightly narrower than the Teardrop’s. The beams in New style are equipped with riveted pins, which may resemble sharp teeth or occasionally, tapered ovals. Consistent with the Teardrop system, the pins and slots in Newstyle are vertically aligned at 2” or 4” intervals.

t-Bolt Connector got rack


The T-Bolt pallet rack system is synonymous with rigidity, durability, and trustworthiness. Among bolted pallet racking systems, it stands out for its ease of installation. Its patented T-Bolt design features an efficient front-end-only connection, significantly speeding up the installation process. By merely inserting the T-Bolt head through the beam connector and column, and giving it a quarter turn, it securely locks into position. This design advantage eliminates the need to access the inside of the column, allowing for the nut to be tightened from the front of the T-Bolt punched upright.

Paltier connector


The Paltier pallet racking system is specifically engineered to maximize vertical storage space for pallets within warehouse environments. Central to the design and functionality of this system are its primary components: the Paltier uprights and the Paltier beams. These elements, crafted with precision, ensure stability and durability for long-term use. Additionally, for businesses seeking cost-effective solutions, Paltier racking is often available in the second-hand market, providing a blend of quality and affordability.

Ridge U / Slotted Style


The Ridg-U-Rak Original Slotted Pallet Rack Systems are characterized by their Hook and Slot automatic lock mechanisms for beam-to-column connections. They come in an extensive variety of sizes and load capacities to cater to diverse needs. Our patented columns, which are six-bend and roll-formed, combined with fully welded bracing, establish a benchmark for sturdiness, resilience, and longevity in pallet rack systems. This innovation in design ensures optimal storage solutions and safety for warehouse operations.

Penco connector


The Penco style pallet racking utilizes a hook & slot connection. Its uprights are distinct, featuring two narrow slots side by side that gradually diverge from each other at the top. The beam flanges, similar to other hook-connecting systems, latch onto the upright slots using hooks. These hooks are subtly tapered, aligning perfectly with the slots’ design. A distinguishing feature of the Penco beam is its unique locking mechanism – every beam incorporates a sliding lock. Observe the painted steel tab on the beam’s exterior face. Additionally, the beams have a characteristic taper, narrowing at the base and broadening towards the step.

Keystone connector Got Rack


The Keystone style is a widely recognized pallet racking system that employs a hook & slot connection mechanism. Its most distinct feature is the trapezoidal (often referred to as ‘keystone’) hole pattern on the upright. These trapezoidal slots are centrally placed on the face of the upright post and are spaced at 3” intervals vertically. The beam flanges have a roll-formed design with hooks that fit into the upright slots. For enhanced safety, locks are positioned in a hole on the lower beam flange. These locks are typically J-hooks or detachable steel clips.

Speed rack connector got rack


The Speedrack pallet racking system, a renowned brand in the market, boasts years of reliable service. Distinguished by its design, Speedrack uniquely employs a handle clip along with a J-hook safety pin. These locking mechanisms ensure that the beams remain securely attached to the upright columns, preventing unintended dislodgements. Typically, Speedrack upright columns and beams are presented in a bright yellow, though the columns can occasionally be found in light blue, with beams in an orange hue.

structural connector


Structural Uraz systems are meticulously crafted to ensure compatibility with heavy hex nuts, specifically for the purpose of securely connecting structural components. This stands in contrast to their use in tapped holes. To aid users in making the right choices for their projects, we’ve provided an accompanying chart that offers clear guidance on the selection of structural nuts. Within this specification, there’s an inclusive coverage of both flat circular washers and those with a beveled design, catering to a broad range of structural needs.

arrow connector got rack


The EMI Arrow style racking system offers a combination of distinctive design elements and functional benefits tailored for efficient warehouse storage. Its most noticeable feature is the diamond-shaped uprights, where the front corner sits at the center, giving it a unique aesthetic and structural advantage. This design is complemented by clinch-roll beams, built to endure with their triple-thick top surfaces, ensuring maximum load-bearing capacity and longevity. An integrated snap lock system enhances the safety and stability of the shelving.

sturdi built connector Got Rack


The Unarco Sturdi Bilt rack features slots on either the sides or corners of the upright column. It employs a distinctive beam connector that necessitates a flat metal beam clip, known as the S-303H beam clip, for the beam to hang. Unarco is the pioneering manufacturer of the Sturdi-bilt system. Given its popularity, other manufacturers have created interchangeable versions or replicas. Our slotted-style rack is designed to be compatible with other Sturdi-Bilt rack variants available in the market.

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