Mezzanines and platforms innovatively maximize the use of vertical space, adding elevated floors or platforms above existing areas or obstacles. Their ability to be disassembled, moved, or reconfigured provides unmatched versatility for evolving workspaces. Mezzanines offer a flexible, cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for building expansions. Whether for general space planning or optimizing a warehouse nearing capacity, our mezzanine structures present an efficient approach to space management, transforming underused overhead space into a valuable asset.

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Warehouse mezzanines are an efficient solution to maximize existing warehouse space without the need for expansion. Instead of seeking additional warehouses, savvy business owners utilize mezzanine floors as a cost-effective strategy to enhance capacity, avoiding the complications and costs associated with acquiring new space.


    • Eliminating the need to find suitable storage properties
    • Avoiding inspections and compliance issues associated with new spaces
    • Minimizing the complexity of ensuring climate control functionality
    • Avoiding the process of sourcing property insurance for a new location
    • Streamlining fulfillment processes by avoiding the integration of a new address
    • Simplifying coordination and logistics by centralizing operations in one warehouse
    • Avoiding the need to upgrade eCommerce or inventory control systems for multiple locations, specifically for shipping estimates.


Got Rack offers a range of warehouse mezzanine options to suit various needs and configurations:

  • Pallet Rack Supported Mezzanine: Creates usable space between existing storage racks, allowing for catwalks, conveyors, or full-sized storage mezzanines.
  • Free-Standing Mezzanine Floor: Versatile steel structures suitable for a wide range of warehouse applications, providing flexibility and considered as capital equipment.
  • Building Supported Mezzanine: Utilizes the building or warehouse structure to support additional weight, offering a combination of building and column support.
  • Shelving Supported Mezzanine: Efficiently maximizes storage space by utilizing smaller items along with existing shelving.
  • Multiple Mezzanine Types: Different mezzanine systems can be used together in the same environment, providing flexibility and tailored solutions.
  • Expert Design Services:’s experienced designers can work with your specifications or create custom designs from scratch to meet your specific project requirements.

Warehouse mezzanines have successfully been used to free up floor space by accommodating various types of equipment:

  • AC Units
  • Commercial Ventilation Systems
  • Conveyors
  • Dust Collectors for Commercial Fabricators
  • And more…
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