Avenger Guard

The Avenger Guard Pallet Rack Repair Kit is the ultimate solution for repairing and restoring one side of an upright column. The kit will seamlessly restore your racking column to its original capacity.

◌ Quick Installation (Under 60 Min)
◌ 3 Year Limited Warranty
◌ In stock, Ready To Ship
◌ Hardware Included

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The Avenger Guard Pallet Rack Repair Kit quickly revitalizes frame posts, perfect for VNA and rear post setups. Cost-effective and versatile, it integrates with existing or new bracing and fits a variety of beam heights, optimizing your repair budget. Its key feature is adjustable beams, catering to different storage needs while maintaining strength.

The kit also repurposes intact factory strutting, saving costs and reducing waste. With an added backer for extra durability, it ensures your pallet rack withstands heavy use. A smart, sustainable choice for robust racking repairs.

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