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Selective Pallet Rack Upright

Upgrade your warehouse storage with our heavy-duty teardrop pallet racking upright columns. These columns are designed for compatibility with standard teardrop racking systems. Choose from various sizes to accommodate your storage requirements. Crafted with prime, high-strength steel, our pallet rack ensures exceptional durability. Maximize your storage capacity with our reliable and versatile rack system. The columns are painted with high-quality, environmentally safe industrial paint for optimal visibility. Choose efficiency and reliability with Got Rack.

Note: Hardware is not included

Introducing our exceptional line of Got Rack’s heavy-duty teardrop pallet racking upright columns, specifically designed to meet your storage and warehouse needs. These columns feature universal teardrop-style connectors, ensuring compatibility with any standard teardrop racking system available. Now available in various sizes, our racking columns are ready to accommodate nearly any storage requirement. Upgrade your storage capabilities with Got Rack and experience the reliability and versatility you need for efficient warehouse management.

Available Sizes:

  • Upright Depth: 24”, 36”, 42”, 48”
  • Upright Height: 96”, 120”, 144” 192”, 240”

Features & Specs:

  • Teardrop Style, a wide range of sizes and combinations available
  • Our pallet rack is meticulously crafted using prime, high-strength steel sourced exclusively from the USA.
  • Experience exceptional storage capacity with our rack system, optimizing your available space.
  • Each rack is painted using top-notch, environmentally safe industrial paint that boasts excellent visibility.
  • Please note that the hardware needed for installation is not included with the rack.

Installation is available upon request.

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