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Introducing the Avenger Pro, your go-to solution for rack repair. The majority of damage to racks typically occurs on the front column of the pallet rack frame, often a consequence of forklift collisions. Our nationwide services ensure that no matter where you are, your racks are restored to their optimal strength and safety.

◌ Fully Adjustable from 36-48 inches
◌ Withstand forces of up to 14,000 LBS
◌ Install the kit in less than 60 minutes
◌ Backed by our 20-year warranty
◌ Hardware Included

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Introducing the Avenger PRO, your go-to solution for rack repair. Expertly designed, this repair kit can endure substantial impacts and is capable of withstanding forces up to 14,000 lbs at a striking speed of 14 mph. Promising hassle-free installation, the Rack Avenger can typically be set up within a quick 30-45 minute window.

The real charm of the Avenger PRO lies in its universal compatibility – it can retrofit nearly any type of rack. What’s more, it alleviates the inconvenience of unloading pallets from the rack that need repair. This means your workflow stays uninterrupted while your rack gets its much-needed fix.

The Avenger PRO is also an excellent preventive measure. It efficiently mitigates the risk of rack collapse caused by forklift impacts, ensuring a safe and reliable storage environment.

Finally, it comes backed by an impressive 20-year warranty against forklift impact damage, offering you long-term peace of mind. Choose the Avenger PRO today, and safeguard your racks with a solution that’s as robust as it is versatile.

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